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Aistar Prover is a subsidigary company of Aistar China Group. Our company has been specializing in metering systems since 1949 founded by AISTAR CHINA GROUP. We’ve been in the market and building volumetric standards and prover tanks for over 70 years. All of our products are made to have traceability to international standards and calibration regulations established by different authorities. Our principal activities involve equipment engineering and manufacturing for industrial processes developed in an integrated plant. We are experienced in working with carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. We have been developing these activities in different countries and even in very different industries sometimes related to oil, sometimes petrochemical and sometimes chemical areas. In order to satisfy our customers requirements, our main active is that we design and manufacture the prover tanks specially for each demand. We are all about innovation and productivity. We introduced the water-draw system in our production 2 years ago and are currently also building test benches as well. We are growing as a company by the day. At Aistar we are also offering control services, reports on technical conditions and calibration of flowmeters installed in tank truck loading plants, meters and meter provers for metering systems in pipe line, and prover tanks.
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