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Bluk terminal prover

Item No.: xcnhmvk
Aistar Tank Prover is the product of decades of research & development and engineering expertise, which offers the best cost-effective solution for meter proving to the widest market possible.
It is manufactured according to the International Recom- mendation R120 OIML.
Aistar Tank Prover is used for fast and accurate calibra- tion of a wide range of flow measurement technologies. Applications range from load rack, crude & refined products pipelines and marine terminals to offshore platforms and FPSOs. Wherever meter verification is fundamental in reducing measurement variations, the Aistar Tank Prover is the way to go.

Calibration of:
• Master meters
• Field-mounted liquid flow meters
• Top loading systems
• Bottom loading / offloading systems • Tank farms

• Type: Open volumetric Prover
• Capacity: Up to 5000 L and more on demand
• Gauge Glass Resolution: +/- 0.1% of tank capacity, +/- 0.5% of tank capacity
• Displacement Tube Volume: • Main equipment: Temperature indicators, flow indicator, coupling, overfill sensors, valves

• Trolley: Skid-type mounted on wheels with brakes
  1. Trailer construction: Heavy duty construction with 4’’ *2‘’*3/16‘’ wall, steel rectangular tubing.
  2. Torflex dual axle: Dual 6000# - 12000 GVRW. Features an independent suspension cushioned with rubber, province a smooth, quite ride with no transfer of road shock form one wheel to the other (No springs required).
  3. Decking: aluminum diamond plate deck. With aluminum grating in the rear to provide a sturdy, slip-resistant work area
  4. Grounding cable: 50 ft. on retractable reel mounted to trailer bed for dissipation of static electricity.
  5. Fire extinguisher: (1) 10 LB siliconized sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical fire extinguisher (bracketed) fully charged. This chemical smothers fires in flammable liquids and pressurized gases and is electrically nonconductive.
  6. Breaks: electric on all 4 wheels. Wheels to be galvanized with 16’’ radial tires.
  7. Lighting package: full LED lighting meets all D.O.T requirements.
  8. Stabilizers: retractable jacks, (4) manual on corners, (1) caster jack on front.
  9. Spare tire: full size spare
  10. Couplings: ball type 2 5/16’’
  11. Paint: powder coated- thermosetting zinc rich epoxy undercoat and a architectural grade polyester which has chemical resistant properties on trailer frame.
  12. Hardware: all hardware to be stainless steel.
Pump of system:
  1. Pump: explosion proof, 5 hp , 3ph/380V/50Hz
  2. Power cable: 50 ft. of power cord, coiled on rack in enclosure.
  3. Hose reel: Manual hose reel wuth 40 ft. of 2’’ I.D. standard jet fuel delivery hose, with nozzle.
  4. Starter: explosion proof, motor starter.
  5. Drain piping: plumbing from prover drain to pump and gravity drain.
  6. Piping: 4’’ stainless steel pipe
  7. Valves: 4’’ aluminum butterfly valve (2) for routing product to the pump or the gravity drain.
  8. Sight glass: 4’’ acrylic sight glass, for visibility of prover drain.
  9. Fully welded steel ladder with slip resistant perforated metal rungs and steel platform.